The first edition of CLOUD was commissioned for Nuit Blanche Calgary on September 15, 2012. Nuit Blanche is an all-night contemporary arts festival occurring annually in a handful of major cities around the world. Nuit Blanche translates literally into “White Night,” referencing the festival’s origins in Paris (2001). In Canada, the largest Nuit Blanche is held in Toronto, featuring 120 projects, 500 artists and 1-million viewers. More intimate in scope, 2012 marked Calgary’s first Nuit Blanche, featuring 10 artists and an attitude of curiosity and experimentation. While lesser in quantity, Nuit Blanche Calgary was deemed a qualitative success in all regards, gleaning a healthy viewership and international praise. Calgary’s second Nuit Blanche is scheduled for September 21, 2013.

CLOUD (and all its subsequent evolutions) would not have been possible without enthusiastic support from Nuit Blanche Calgary and Wayne Baerwaldt, the festival’s co-founder and curator.

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