Getting Down to Business

With exactly one month to go until Nuit Blanche, we’re hard at work gathering light bulbs, steel, and electronics to make CLOUD a reality.

Though I hardly ever refer to myself as an “emerging artist,” this project has offered some incredible learning curves that constantly ask me to question my role in the project, my technical/structural knowledge, my vision for CLOUD, my work methodologies, etc. It seems like that’s the role of an emerging artist – to feel all the growing pains of any kid groping her way through previously uncharted territory. I never expected to be building a large-scale public sculpture two years out of Art School, but that’s the magic of having an amazing team of artist, engineers, administrators, and really good friends with unfathomable powers. Projects like this make me so excited to have collaborators!


For the last few weeks, Wayne Garrett and I have been experimenting with different colours of light and different types of light bulbs. We’re looking for burnt out incandescent bulbs that properly diffuse the light of bright white compact fluorescent bulbs. CLOUD, in our minds, should be brilliant bright white, but also soft, subtle, and deliciously illuminated… but we’ll see what happens.

Wayne Garrett testing rear-lit incandescent light bulbs in our living room

We’ve also been experimenting with different ways of attaching the non-illuminated bulbs to the CLOUD structure. Someone (I forget who) had the remarkable brain-wave to use 1′ chicken wire, screwing the bulbs directly into each hexagonal hole and wiring the bases together. So far, this seems like the very best option for creating bulb-clusters. With the sheer mass of bulbs being used, its likely that the wire will be almost completely camouflaged.

Chicken wire experiment for connection incandescent light bulbs

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