clouds and clouds

Well, it’s crunch time, and it feels like everything’s moving at a snail’s pace. Our “Light Bulb Drive” box at ACAD is still almost empty (despite numerous donations through friends at our house) and the massive order of electronics for the electrical component of the sculpture hasn’t even been sent away yet. I have other deadlines coming up (grants and the like) and we’re behind on welding because access to ACAD’s metal shop was belated by two weeks from August 7th until the 21st. Hot dang, it’s hard to maintain a zen attitude when it seems like my team and I are moving through the calm before the storm….

But here’s the thing, what I really need to do is chill out and remember what the concept for the piece is. Clouds are fascinating, churning and mysterious. Weather works in its own time. There’s never a clear forecast for the future, despite our best guesses, and I need to allow myself to work that way as an artist. Everything’s cloudy and uncertain at the moment, but (to totally sink my teeth into the cloud metaphor) there’s always a silver lining out there somewhere.

IN OTHER NEWS: Big thanks to Greg Chernoff of CJSW’s “Soapbox Derby for having us on his radio program yesterday to talk about CLOUD and petition the public for burnt out light bulbs. Matt Masters (a local musical talent) is CJSW’s Artist in Resident at the moment, and he’s heading a House Band on Greg’s show, hearkening to the days of classic radio. The House Band whipped up an amazing Light Bulb Song – all about radio electricity – and played it live on air during the interview. If anything gets me excited about art-making, it’s the potential to catalyze more art in other people, even in small ways… Thanks for being so supportive, CJSW crowd!

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