just one bright idea…


Sometimes, all it takes is one bright idea…

For a couple days now, we’ve been struggling with how to safely affix our light bulbs (obviously very delicate materials) to the CLOUD skins we’re creating from chicken wire and bulbs. The light bulbs have to be strongly in place or there are infinite potential hazards every time the wind blows (I don’t need to describe these dangers in detail, do I? I’m sure you can imagine…) We’ve experimented with soldering the bulbs to the wire, hot gluing the bulbs together, and pinching the bulbs in place with wire, but these processes either didn’t work, were too slow, or weren’t strong enough. I was convinced of an easy fix – some common, household item we could use to hold the bulbs in place…

Tonight, while experimenting, I discovered that fix: rubber bands! Oh frabjous day!! Sometimes all it takes is one small triumph to make you feel like everything is eventually going to fall right into place.

Bulbs screwed into 1″ chicken wire to create the beginnings of CLOUD’s skin

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