Yesterday was moving day. We spent three days in the metal shop at ACAD, welding things together and banging on steel, and then it was time to go – up two stories to the Illingworth Kerr Gallery where we can work on the sculpture some more. Many thanks to Jason, the tech from the metal shop, for being super supportive, teaching us some tricks, and being generally awesome.

Our pals Keith and Aiofe showed up at exactly the perfect time to help move the CLOUD. We put it on a crane in the shop, hoisted it up into the air, and then pulled it outside. It dangled in the air for a moment, looking majestic in the afternoon sunshine, before we lowered it onto a cart and ratcheted it down. Wayne and Aiofe pushed the CLOUD down and around the school, up the hill on the other side, and into the IKG loading dock. There, about six or seven of us hoisted the thing up and through the gallery back entrance, into the gallery proper. (Again, super thanks to Ann and Sean and Keith and Aiofe and Kris and all the other sweet folks who helped out).  This is where CLOUD will stay until we’ve skinned it in bulbs.


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