Artist Seeks Burnt Out Light Bulbs: An Ad!

If you’ve been following this blog, you may recall that, about a week ago, the fine folks at the Awesome Foundation gave Wayne and I $1,000 to buy ad-space in a local paper – “Artist Seeks Burnt Out Incandescent Light Bulbs.” Well, that’s one off the list! Check!

We were aiming to put an ad in a major newspaper (The Herald or The Sun) but the Herald published my PSA asking for Burnt Out Light Bulbs the day of the Awesome Foundation pitch night (on the cover of the Entertainment section! It was fabulous!) so I decided to buy the biggest ad we could afford – a 3/5 page ad in FFWD Weekly. I hummed and hawed over this decision for quite some time, but I love FFWD, it’s fairly grassroots and it has an active readership of 74,000 or so. Plus, I used to write for them, so it seemed natural to pay it back a bit. In the end, we spent about $730 on this ad, saving a bit just in case we can sneak a tiny ad into The Sun later this week.

On another note, I was very specific with FFWD that, even though this is an obvious fit for the Arts Section of the paper, I wanted the ad to be placed in a non-arts section – aiming at non-arts readers. They were obliging and we appeared on page 8 next to an article about Neil Armstrong, Obama, and NASA. While the article is perhaps a little melodramatic, it’s very fitting to be placed next to an article talking about Lunar Exploration considering my long-time love affair with outer space.

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