Broken Bulbs and Other Discouragements

On Friday we got some unfortunate news: there was some confusion, and our last pallet of bulbs (about 3,000 new philips light bulbs) won’t be delivered until Monday. Considering that our sculpture has to be loaded onto the back of a flatbed truck on Monday at midnight, this was a bit of a surprise. I managed to keep my cool (our light bulb distributor was very apologetic) but there’s no denying that this is a set-back. Monday is going to be crazy, and there’s no anticipating whether or not we’ll get stuck skinning part of the structure on-site – an absolute nightmare!

On the bright side, my lil sister Rachael and her girlfriend Angela came to help Wayne and Clare and I do some wiring on Friday evening. After some tests, Wayne determined that all of our wiring is going according to plan… goody goody.

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