On Saturday, my Mom came to check out CLOUD and take Wayne and me for a delicious lunch at Jimmy’s A&A (best garlicky shawarma’s in Calgary, hands down). This weekend has been slow going – without any more bulbs, the tangible growth of the sculpture is hard to measure. We’ve screwed in sockets and clipped pull-strings. We’ve also welded the base and wired some of our bigger bulbs for hanging beneath the cloud, but the sculpture itself appears to be at a standstill. Meanwhile, our studio neighbours Sophie Farewell collective have been building their mountains with impressive gusto. It’s exciting to watch, and certainly depressing by comparison! We’re all pretty stoked to see each other’s work come to fruition, and the Illingworth Kerr Gallery is absolutely the best studio space any artist could wish for. The 15th will be an amazing experiment…

Tomorrow, of course, is going to be epic. Our last pallet of bulbs should be arriving, and Evan Gillespie, our electrical engineer, is ready to get cracking on the final stages of wiring for the piece. Basically, we have 2,800 bulbs to attach to the sculpture and 250 sockets to properly wire. Luckily, I was wrong about load-up time – we’re loading the sculpture into the back of a flatbed truck on Tuesday morning at 8 am, not tomorrow at midnight (as previously suspected). That’s fantastic, because that gives me a little bit of time to work on my Artists Talk for tomorrow evening at ACAD (which I should probably be writing right now………)

Stay tuned! I’ll do my best to update this blog as the next few days (of insanity!!!!) unfold.


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