Sleepless Night & My Unofficial Collaborator

Someday I’ll go back in time and update this blog with extensive photos from the set-up for Nuit Blanche, but in the mean time, it’s been a whirlwind. Right now it’s 4 am in Calgary, and I’m (once again) sleepless. CLOUD has been scaring up attention from the strangest places – this blog has thousands of hits from all over the world, a terrifying and elating reality. After “ruling twitter and instagram” on the night of Nuit Blanche, being featured in the Huffington Post, on The Cool Hunter, and on Colossal (one of my very favourite art blogs of all time!!!) we’ve had a handful of international requests to cover CLOUD on art and architecture blogs around the world (New York City to Denmark). To me, the internet is still a mysterious creature and I’m very much at a distance from the monumental audience it can reach, but CLOUD has been spreading like wildfire, and it’s completely beyond my control. Strangely enough, this is a liberating sort of magic. CLOUD was too damn big to ever just be mine… It just goes to show that if  you make something shiny enough, folks get stoked.

CLOUD just after Nuit Blanche on the morning of September 16th at 3:20 am.

Ah, but this is the moment where I do something I should have done about a month ago. You may have noticed that this blog is littered with photos of Wayne Garrett, a multi-talented machinist/musician/artist, and while CLOUD began as a solo-piece by yours truly, I’d like to acknowledge that this project grew very much into a collaboration between myself and Wayne Garrett. Wayne has been my unofficial collaborator throughout the process of making this sculpture a reality, and I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime. He’s a hell of a man, and I owe him a great deal of gratitude…

Wayne Garrett working on CLOUD.

Of course, the story isn’t over… stay tuned to this blog. I have a video of Nuit Blanche to post, and I’ll let you know what’s happening to CLOUD now that the festival’s over. I warn you, not all of it’s pretty, but I believe in complete stories, whenever possible. In the meantime, the sun is almost rising, and it’s time for this gal to get some shut-eye… until the next sleepless night.

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