Workshopping the Beast


What a strange and magical place Garage is. The gallery, which used to be housed in an old Bus Garage in the outer circle of Moscow, recently moved inwards, to a paper pavilion in Gorky Park (which I’ve already told you about). This pavilion is brand-spankin-new, and still being finished around us as we work. The space is lovely, but what I find more interesting, as a Calgarian (ah, Calgary, the city that demolishes anything older than 25 years!) is the innovative re-use of Soviet-era buildings throughout Garage’s Kingdom. The offices of Garage, across the park, are in an old Factory, tastefully updated so that, while the exterior is aging and dilapidated, the interior looks like a suave design firm. The history of the building is still acknowledged visibly, but incorporated into the contemporary function of the space. (I’ll try to take some photographs and update this posting).

The workshop for Garage, the home of their power tools and practical gizmos, is in an old brick building. While everything is scattered in disarray, I get the distinct impression that the keepers of the space have their own universal order: they know where everything is, as if by jedi magic. Wayne and I went exploring (respectfully) while looking for some new wheels for the grinder. As a non-Hockey Fan (a fan of non-hockey) I had forgotten about the complex hockey history between Canada and Russia. Wayne, however, takes incredible delight in hockey culture. He was delighted when we found an old table-hockey game in the back of the shop, and a hockey stick attached to the wall of the building.

ps. a note to everyone back home, Wayne is feeling much better (thanks for all the intercontinental love!) and we’re back on schedule. Now we just need to wait for the incandescent light bulbs to arrive!

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