Blood, Sweat + Tears

Champion CLOUD volunteer Yuriy, posing like a tough guy after cutting open his finger and bleeding all over the place!
Yuriy marked some bulbs with his finger-blood. They may be new, but they now have a history. Take that, Philips!

Despite speculation about the possibility of finding volunteers in Russia, Garage managed to collect a fantastic team of champion bulbers for Wayne and I to work with over the past few days. Yuriy, Alexandr, Anastasia, and Shriya all came by to help us, and spent hours gluing and screwing bulbs into wire mesh. They were so fast, I think we managed to attach 1,000 bulbs on Saturday alone! Only 4,000 to go – and we’ve only broken two bulbs thus far!

Of course, our poor new friend Yuriy managed to slice open his finger half an hour into volunteering (pretty badly too. I learned very quickly that the Russian words for “First Aid Kit” are the same as in English) but he was very brave, and he kept right at it, even after his finger was doused with antiseptic and wrapped in bandages. Seriously, volunteers in Russia, while uncommon, are made of gold!

If any of our former Calgary friends/volunteers are keeping up with this blog, we can’t thank you enough for your help with the original CLOUD – what would we do without awesome people who are willing to hang out with the likes of us and perform repetitive, annoying, mildly dangerous tasks for hours on end? We’d certainly drive ourselves crazy without you. And to our new volunteers (some of whom have never ever volunteered before in their lives!) thank you for donating your time to this big, shiny beast of a thing! Between all of us and our blood, sweat, and tears, the second edition of CLOUD is coming together brilliantly.


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