Into the Air!


Well team, time to get crackin’! On Boxing Day, Garage sent us a legion of their finest, and in one fell swoop, they bulbed the remainder of the beast! (At least the top of her), and hoisted her into the air like 1,000-pounds of nothing. I must say, strong men are an asset – I much prefer this method to sketchily using a small Scissor Lift. The installation at Garage versus the installation at Nuit Blanche couldn’t be more different! Both spaces have their charms (I miss the amphitheater-aesthetic of Olympic Plaza terribly!) but it’s magical to finally get CLOUD air-born. Between Calgary and Moscow, it’s been a fascinating and educational ride – we’re learning new things every day!

For example, if you even imply that you need help in a space like this, they’ll send you a giant team of hyper-speedy work-men who will do your bidding like a frantic swarm of worker bees. This was super overwhelming at first (even just managing the aesthetic of the piece was pretty challenging – GLUE STRINGS EVERYWHERE) but I think we finally have the hang of managing the incredible force that Garage’s work-team contributes. Being organized and proactive is basically the only way to deal with fast workers. And knowing when to ask for fewer cooks in the cloud-kitchen (hi-yuck!)


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