Oopsie + Our Bulbous Poster Child

Dec27_3 Dec27_4

Boy, were we sheepish when we miscalculated the amount of light bulbs needed to finish the second edition of CLOUD by 1,300 bulbs.  As a number, did we just pull 5,000 light bulbs out of the air? CLOUD #2 is smaller than CLOUD #1 by several feet in all directions. There are only two potentials: either Philips light bulbs are smaller in Russia than Canada, or we dramatically underestimated the amount of burnt out bulbs donated in Calgary… by at least a thousand bulbs, if not not more. The second edition of CLOUD will be created from 6,300 light bulbs, which means that the original CLOUD must have been constructed from over 7,000 light bulbs!!! Pretty cool, no?


As we draw closer and closer to December 31st (our theoretical deadline for this project) Wayne and I are getting more and more confident that everything is going to be just fine. We’re ahead of schedule (thanks in part to Garage’s Worker Bees) and the piece looks pretty okay. There are always one or two little nit-picky things that I can ruminate on for hours (much to Wayne’s chagrin), but are stringy hot-glue trails really such a big deal…?


By the by, in case I haven’t told you folks already, while Art Experiment at Garage Center for Contemporary Culture is a group show, CLOUD is the centerpiece of the exhibition and the bulbous poster child for Garage’s marketing campaign. Gotta say, it’s pretty crazy to watch images of our ARRRT going up on posters and glowing billboards all around Gorky Park. (Oh man, Doug Wong, in case you’re reading this, thank you so much for taking such an amazing photograph of CLOUD at Nuit Blanche in Calgary.  We owe you big!)


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