Trials, Tribulations, & Dazzle Camouflage



And so it continues…

Seemingly millions of bulbs have been added to the ceiling inside Progress Bar, with the promise of more bulbs to come. Almost three weeks of bulbing have passed with nary a day at Chicago’s tempting beachfront to be had, and while we’ve encountered some bumpy territory, we’ve had the great fortune of accumulating a brilliant legion of future Progress Bar staff to work with. What would we have done without them?

05_chicago_10 05_chicago_09 05_chicago_13 05_chicago_04

The Progress Bar gang’s been brilliant – not only for practical purposes, but it’s been remarkably entertaining to work alongside a legion of Boystown’s most vibrant folks. As the future employees of this establishment, they have an added investment in the outcome of the installation (after all, they have to look at it every day). Beyond that, they’ll have a connection to CLOUD CEILING that only comes with being an integral part of making something. Pretty rad, no?

Future Progress Bar employee Josue

When last I had a chance to blog (a rare occurrence over the last three weeks!) we were dealing with the issue of hiding chicken wire. We were looking for a solution to the problem of the metal webbing appearing too obviously against the white ceiling and distracting from the CLOUD’s bulby aesthetic (and looking kind of cheap and unappealing…) After experimenting with mirrors, examining dozens of chandeliers, and seriously evaluating the downsides of working with tinfoil, Wayne hit on the brilliant solution of using space blankets along the ceiling of the structure. Because space blankets are shiny, textured, and almost the same colour as the chicken wire, they mask the material using my very favourite technique of concealment – DAZZLE CAMOUFLAGE!



Unfortunately, adding space blankets beneath the partially bulbed CLOUD structures added almost two days to our overall process, but we’ve extended our stay in Chicago for one additional week, which means we’ll now be leaving town around June 16th. Our hope is to finish CLOUD CEILING in T-minus 5-days and counting, leaving at least a few days to actually see Chicago.


Presently we’re exhausted, struggling with some electrical/interactive sensor difficulties, and cursing the very sight of light bulbs, but we know that it’s all part of the process (happens every time). Thank goodness for the delightful nature of this community and its generous, enthusiastic, and generally awesome attitude. We’re going to miss Progress Bar horribly when we leave. In the meantime, let the bulbing continue!



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