Audiences interacting with the first edition of CLOUD at Nuit Blanche Calgary. Photo credit: Doug Wong
Audiences interacting with the first edition of CLOUD at Nuit Blanche Calgary. Photo by Doug Wong


Event: Nuit Blanche Calgary (September 15, 2012)

Artists & Designers: Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett

Nuit Blanche Director and Curator: Wayne Baerwaldt

Nuit Blanche Project Manager: Tatiana Mellema

Nuit Blanche Project Coordinator: Kris Weinmann

Nuit Blanche Head Technician: Ann Thrale

CLOUD Sponsors: Alberta College of Art + Design, The Nuit Blanche Foundation, The City of Calgary, Calgary Arts Development Authority, Calgary Public Arts, Calgary 2012, and The Awesome Foundation (Calgary chapter).

CLOUD Engineer Mentors: Jason Dyck and Evan Gillespie

CLOUD Base Carpenter: Lane Shordee

CLOUD Welders: Patrick Southgate and Wayne Garrett

Metal Shop Technicians: Jason Hussey and Hyla Stuijfzand

CLOUD Volunteers and other contributors: Clare Duckett, Svea Ferguson, Brendan Kane, Andrew Cook, Andrew Frosst, Keith Rodger, Mike Cordiell, Karilynn Thompson, Court Brinsmead, Lowell Smith, Evan Smibert, Daniel Kirk, Ivan Ostapenko, Eric Heitmann, Pamela Norrish, Ryan Monty, Rachael Brown, Angela Hurkot, Jack Bride, Dana Schloss, Kathleen Brown, Matt Allerdings, Charles, Kate, and Aiofe.


Mom + Dad, Wayne Baerwaldt, Tatiana Mellema, Ann Thrale, Kris Weinmann, Lewis Liski, Christina Mayder, Larry McDowell, Pamela Norrish, the rest of the Nuit Blanche Calgary artists, the Board of Nuit Blanche Calgary, Jasmine Antonick from Beakerhead, Rod from the Glenbow, Tim from Fort Calgary, Tony from the City of Edmonton, Paul from Think Green Solutions, Lauren Simms, Jason Hussey, the journalists who covered CLOUD for the Calgary Herald, the publications that spread the word during the Light Bulb Drive, and all the individuals who contributed burnt out incandescent light bulbs.

Audiences interacting with the second edition of CLOUD at Art Experiment 2013. Photo by Caitlind r.c. Brown


Event: “Art Experiment 2013” at Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Moscow (January 2013)

Artists & Designers: Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett

Art Experiment Curators: Brittany Stewart, Evgenia Mikhina, & Alexandra Romantsova

Art Experiment Project Manager: Alexandra Romantsova

Art Experiment Technical Coordinator: Dmitry Nakoryakov

CLOUD Liason and Translator: Aleksey Misnik

Art Experiment Head Technician: Yuriy

CLOUD Sponsors: Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Alberta Foundation for the Arts (Cultural Relations Grant), Canada Council for the Arts (Travel Grants)

CLOUD Welders: Wayne Garrett and Dmitry (D-man)

CLOUD Assistants: 10 strong men from the Garage contractor team! (names unknown, although many of them were Dmitrys and Yuriys)

CLOUD Volunteers: Yuriy Bashan, Alexandr, Anastasia, & Shriya


Shriya Malhotra (!!!) The Garage Staff & Team, Our Parents, Stephen Hunt from the Calgary Herald, Aunt Betty, Grama & Papa, all our Moscow Pals, and all the Arts & Design blogs who indirectly buoyed us halfway around the world!


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