Caitlind and Wayne Headshot

Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett (Calgary, Canada) work with diverse mediums and materials, ranging from artificial light to re-appropriated urban debris, often resulting in public sculptures and installations. Beckoning viewers with interactive contexts and novel materials, their projects invite strangers to share in experiential moments, prompting collaborative viewership. Using mass-produced objects as a reference to cities as an immeasurable quantity of materials, people, and situations, Caitlind & Wayne evoke the possibility of renewed understanding through a critical shift in perspective. Beautiful, subversive, playful, and radically inclusive, their work emphasizes transformation above all else.

Caitlind & Wayne have been collaborating since 2011 after working together through the Arbour Lake Sghool collective. Wayne trained as a musician at Mount Royal University and a machinist at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Caitlind graduated from the Drawing Program at Alberta College of Art + Design. Their collaborative artworks have appeared at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia), Japan Alps Art Festival (Omachi, Japan), Weisman Art Museum (Minneapolis, USA), Pera Museum (Istanbul, Turkey), the National Arts Centre (Ottawa, Canada), and others. In 2013, CLOUD was short-listed for an Innovation by Design Award by Fast Company. In 2016, the duo won Winter Stations Design Competition in collaboration with Lane Shordee (Toronto, Canada)They are currently working on their first public artworks in Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto. Read more here and here.

When working independently, Wayne is a musician and composer; Caitlind is a co-founder and co-curator of WRECK CITY curatorial collective.