Objects of Connection

How do we connect with people far away?
What does it mean to be close?
Where is home, in time and space, for you?

In a time marked by social distancing and self-isolation, bridging the distance between people is more important than ever. Technology has extended our reach beyond our wildest dreams, but sometimes we need a more analog connection. When we’re lucky, we find this connection in shared public spaces, but (especially in the era of COVID-19) sometimes we have to reach further, across time, space, and our imaginations, to actually feel in touch.

As part of the social research for a new public artwork in Butler Memorial Park (West Edmonton), you are invited to answer the following questions:

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By submitting you agree that your responses may be used (anonymously) as part of this public artwork. Text and recordings may be abridged.

This project is by artists Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett, and commissioned by the Edmonton Arts Council for the City of Edmonton’s Public Art Collection.