Bulb Tests

Ah, but here we are, playing with light already. There’s so much to do, but even while we bend steel (I use “we” loosely because Wayne is really the muscles behind any sort of metal-play), we can’t forget about the delicate aesthetic of light bulbs…

We are, of course, still stubbornly seeking burnt out light bulbs for our CLOUD. Collections are progressing slowly but surely: two days ago, Fort Calgary donated TEN BOXES of burnt out light bulbs. We also have a lead in Edmonton – apparently the City of Edmonton collects incandescent light bulbs at Eco Stations, not to recycle, exactly, but to segregate from their other garbage. Anyhoo, they’ve agreed to give us as many incandescent light bulbs as they can collect between now and next Wednesday. Pretty cool, huh?

Fort Calgary donated ten boxes of burnt out light bulbs!

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