Enter the Grind

I’m blogging because I’m too tired to sleep.

And also because, hey, maybe somebody’s interested in keeping abreast of developments with the project. CLOUD is taking form, slowly but surely. We’ve experienced some notable triumphs: we’ve now collected about 1,000 recycled bulbs from various house-holds, companies, and community centres, including Fort Calgary (10 boxes), Springbank Arena (8 boxes), Reonac Energy Systems (150 giant bulbs from Flames Community Arena, showing up this week), The Lighting Centre (one box), Home Depot (a bag), and The City of Edmonton’s Eco Centres (4 giant boxes of domestic light bulbs). We’ve received a small number of anonymous donations in our Light Bulbs Drive box at ACAD, which is absolutely a step in the right direction. Nonetheless, I’m unofficially extending the Light Bulb Drive deadline until September 11th, so the box at ACAD will stay available for as long as possible. Why not, right? All in all, CLOUD is looking beautiful, and it’s primarily the burnt out bulbs that make it so – the colours! That’s something you can’t fake, yo.

But Wayne and I are totally exhausted. Especially now, typing this at midnight mid-week, after a hard day of bulbing and less than a week left to get this baby in ship shape before shipping ‘er on over to Olympic Plaza for install on-site. It’s a ton of work, man, and don’t get me wrong, I knew what I was signing up for when I got hitched to Nuit Blanche, but right now I’m allowing myself a well-earned moment of cathartic withdrawal. Pheeeeeeeew.


Hey, in other news, if you’re interested in seeing the CTV interview Andrea MacLean made out of our recent conversation, check this out. (Also, I’m a little embarrassed about my bubbliness, so go easy on me, hey?)

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