Christmas Eve at Garage

Ah, but I remember this moment last time – the moment where we took the CLOUD from the Metal Shop at ACAD, and wheeled it down and around the college and up into the Illingworth Kerr Gallery. Well, this time was a bit different – we took the sculpture out of the back room at Garage, and a gang of tough guys (including Wayne) carried it out and around the building, flipped it onto its side, squeezed it through the front doors, and buoyed it into the gallery space, as if it were made of clouds. Extremely heavy and delicate clouds…



Christmas Eve for us was comprised of endless light bulbs, a little bit of welding, and watching the last of the confetti settle. There was a private party at Garage last night – which must have been spectacular, because the cleaning staff spent 8-hours solid attempting to vacuum up bits of confetti (especially out of the grooves between floor boards…)

Everything happens so quickly here! Yesterday there was a miniature paper city in the gallery space, and a giant room filled from floor to ceiling with blue balloons, and then this morning, there as only broken glass, trash, and three giant garbage bags filled with popped rubber. At present, there’s a 16-foot long CLOUD covered in light bulbs, about a million cardboard boxes scattered all over the floor, and new walls springing up in all directions. Welcome to the world of contemporary art galleries, where time moves at an accelerated rate towards an impending deadline: The Opening.




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